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Frequently Asked Questions

What is horse hair jewllery?

Jewellery made from your OWN horse hair (or stock hair I have) to have as keepsake from a horse who has passed on or memorializing a special bond or a great show season. Each peice is custom made. 

How much hair do you need?

For a bracelet I need the width of 1/2 a pinky finger and about 15 inches long. For a necklace 20-24 inches long (if you are wanting an 18 inch necklace send close to 24 inches). Rings, I need 50 strands and 10" long - do not send the bottom of tail. If you are wanting more than one item (ex. Necklace and bracelet) send a bit wider than a pinking finger so I won’t run out. Hair will be returned if you wish.

How do I collect my horse hair?

Detailed instructions on collecting your horse's hair can be found HERE.

I don't have any horse hair, can I still order?

Yes, I do have some stock horse hair so email me to find out what I have available.

Is it very wearable?

Yes – although hair is a natural fiber and just like if you were to wear a pair a leather shoes in the barn daily, it will break down over time like the shoe leather. I  do recommend taking it off before showering and swimming as the soap may break down the glue. I have been wearing mine all the time and have had no problems. That said just be careful and enjoy wearing it.

Can I wear it next to other jewellery?

While they may look nice together, keep in mind that they will rub against each other and this can cause fraying and the bracelet to not last as long.

Can I use mane hair?

Mane hair is more brittle than tail hair and it does not last over time. However, if this is all you have of a horse that has passed away, I will do my best. I can however use mane hair for earrings, key chains and the resin series, although tail hair is still better.

What do I do if I have loose hair?

Try and pull it back into the braid as much as you can and then clip the end off with nail trimmers. Please be careful to only clip loose hair. The hair shouldn’t bother you again.

The end came off, the clasp broke, something is wrong?

Send it back to me and I will fix it. I take great pride in the craftsmanship of my work and if it’s something that I did I will definitely fix it for you. If tampering is evident to see how it’s done – I will not fix it.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes! Please email me for more information.

Can I use more than one horse's hair?

Yes, I can use multiple horses.

What if I don't send you enough hair?

I will contact you to see if you want to send more hair or if you would like me to try and match it from my stock hair.


Pickup at Galla Designs Studio or shipping by courier for an additional fee of $14.00.

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