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Glass Memorial Beads

Glass Memorial Beads

  • Handmade by melting glass and adding a layer of cremanes 

  • Each bead is unique and not two beads will be the same. 

  • Hair can be added, but the head of the melted glass causes the hair to turn to fine ash and only shows a little bubbles and sometimes a bit of smokey soot.

  • Sterling silver grommets added to ends of beads. 

  • Can be put on a necklace of key chain or just a bobble to keep as a momorial 

  • Human and other pet Cremains welcome.

  • 1/2 tsp of cremains per bead is needed. 

  • Any remaining cremains can be returned or placed in a scatter garden. 

  • ONLY 1 cremain is worked with at a time preventing any chance of cross contamination. 

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